James Andrew Kerr

Data Man

Brim is a venture-funded, seed-stage startup. We are currently a small and focused team building our product foundations in our seed office in Oakland and are trialing our product with customers.

Our founder Steve McCanne created pcap and bpf and co-authored tcpdump in the early 1990s. At that time, he was office mates with Vern Paxson, the creator of Zeek, who used pcap as the foundation for Zeek. Steve has founded several startups including Riverbed, which he took public after 4 years and grew it to over 2000 employees.

We are building a scalable, clustered backend system in Go and a frontend application in react/d3/electron. We’re proud of our work and have come up with a pretty novel approach rooted in a compelling architecture and groundbreaking algorithms. If you are intrigued by building state-of-the-art tech that solves a timely and highly relevant problem for security operation teams, Brim might just be the place for you!

Open Positions

We are seeking new team members to fill the following roles:

  • Front End Engineer